From cement truck to IOT device

A construction site usually looks like a hectic place. Lots of heavy machinery, cranes, and trucks coming and going. Keeping this process organized is a great challenge. But delivering the right amount of building materials at the right time is a challenge in its own right.

This is one of the challenges faced by concrete manufacturers all over the world. Many construction sites need to be serviced, all at the same time. To this end, the manufacturer employs a fleet of cement trucks. How these trucks are used to service each site is key to the success of the manufacturer. Using our knowledge of tracking solutions, we were able to help our clients succeed in achieving this success.

Cement Truck

We outfitted the cement trucks with GPS devices and sensors from our hardware partners. We then connected the GPS device to our platform over 3G. In doing so, we turned the cement truck into a big Internet of Things device, allowing us to gather and process the data needed.

With this data as input, we are giving the client a real-time overview of the location of their fleet. Using geofences, we informed the client when a cement mixer leaves the factory or arrives on site. Using one of the sensors connected to the rotating drum we can even show if the truck is loading or unloading. To provide a historical overview of the operation of their fleet we created custom reports. By providing API endpoints we allowed clients to integrate our data into their application of choice.

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