Hertz UAE

Back in 2014, the Hertz rental car fleet consisted of a variety of vehicle manufacturers, and the company worked with a range of entities in the Middle East providing excellent rental services to local governments and agencies all across the Middle East.

The Cause

HERTZ was at the stake of grand developments, with the growing popularity of the company in the Emirates, and needed to make sure the reputation and quality of service improved with time.


The fleet of vehicles and a variety of models were advancing. This presented a challenge for some providers in reading the CAN data carefully and getting to the grips with all vehicle information that was to retrieve. Another challenge was the warranty type and the inability to perform fitments in cars of a special type. Another challenge was driver identification and driver access levels in corporate fleets, along with the necessity to track, rate, and access the drivers that utilize vehicles.

As part of the program of technological development and to increase the value offered to HERTZ UAE customers, 360locate  has made a key contribution by developing a fleet management service, variable in size and remotely enabled, with the focus on issues such as security, rental savings, optimization of logistics and greater efficiency of vehicles.


One of the great tools which automated HERTZ car check and rental operations was the Check-n-share application, provided by 360locate. The app allowed to distribute user access levels for different drivers to check out only vehicles to which they have rights, and track damaged pictures through the app. This enabled structure and awareness across the organization.

360Locate Fleet management module proved an instant success with the office staff because data is faster to get to and easier to analyze. With a large fleet to control, departments such as repairs, maintenance, and customer service personnel all have access to crucial data when they need it.

One of the major drivers for change was the ability to measure fuel consumption. HERTZ has made a 20% increase in average MPG scores across the fleet in 5 months. This impressive increase from 33 MPG to 39 MPG, has helped decrease fuel expenditure and there are additional benefits such as reduced servicing and maintenance costs due to changed driving behavior.

Along with that, the 360Locate platform has been integrated into HERTZ  internal systems and customized to provide a flexible service for the needs of different target groups – from governments to private entities with extensive rental needs. Apart from that – HERTZ clients were to make sure that their drivers have access only to certain vehicles within their corporate fleets. One of the issues was still vehicle unitisation and the damage logging tool to track vehicle condition at the time of check-in and out.  360locate was to enable all the above across the integrated fleet of HERTZ vehicles.